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Instagram Tutorial for Beginners - Online Course

Instagram Tutorial for Beginners - Online Course

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Instagram is a fun way to share your life with friends and family through a series of photos and videos on your mobile phone. Experience moments and memories in your friends' lives by following them on Instagram and taking part in one of the fastest growing social media hubs in the world. If you are new to Instagram or just getting started, take our online course, Instagram Tutorial for Beginners. With the knowledge you take away from the course, you will be able to follow your friends and family on Instagram, and never miss a moment in their lives. Instagram is the place where people post pictures and videos of their lives, including family photos, vacations, new adventures, baby pics, and more. Instagram is also a great place to promote yourself and meet new friends online.

Here is some of what the video course covers:

  • Signing up for Instagram and Getting Started
  • Downloading the app on your phone
  • Basic Profile Setup
  • Instagram Layout and Browsing
  • Liking, Commenting, and Sharing Photos and Videos.
  • Basic Navigation including viewing pictures, posts, and videos
  • Viewing and Creating Instagram Stories
  • Hashtags: What are they and how to use them
  • Tagging people using the @ symbol
  • Creating Groups
  • How Instagram Works
  • Following People on Instagram
  • Finding People to Follow on Instagram
  • Finding your Friends on Instagram
  • Making the perfect Profile
  • Privacy and Settings
  • Sharing a Photo or Video to Instagram
  • Editing Photos and adding Filters
  • Safety and Security on Instagram
  • Promoting Yourself on Instagram
  • Tips, Tricks, and Much More


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