Snapchat Tutorial for Beginners

Snapchat is a social media network that allows you to send and receive snaps to your friends. A snap is a live photo or video, meaning you have to record the photo or video right now in order to send it. The biggest allure of Snapchat is its disappearing snap feature, which is every snap to you send or receive is only available for a limited amount of time and can only be viewed once. After a snap is viewed, it will disappear and can never be viewed again.

You can use Snapchat through its app on any smartphone. The app itself is extremely popular, especially among the younger generations; and has additional features besides sending and receiving snaps, including Snapchat Stories, Snapcodes, friends list, disappearing messages, and more.

In order to use Snapchat properly it is important for you to understand how Snapchat works and how to properly set up your profile. You also want to be sure you know exactly how the disappearing feature works, so you know which snaps you send will truly disappear, and which ones won't. If you want to learn how to use Snapchat and all of its features, I recommend you check out the Snapchat Tutorial for Beginners Online Course by Infinity Guides.

The online course is made for beginners, and will teach you everything you need to know about Snapchat. You can watch the course on any smartphone, tablet, or computer, and follow along as you learn. Here is some of what you will learn:


  • Signing up for Snapchat and Getting Started
  • Downloading the app on your phone
  • Snapchat Explained
  • Adding Snapchat Friends
  • Taking a Snapchat and sharing with friends
  • Editing a Snap
  • Adding filters to your Snapchats
  • Drawing on your Snapchats
  • Viewing Snapchats
  • Chatting
  • Audio Phone Calls
  • Video Calls
  • Viewing Snapchat Stories
  • Creating your own Snapchat Story
  • Discovering Snapchat Content
  • Privacy and Settings
  • Using Snapchat Memories
  • Tips, Tricks, and Much More

Click here to view the Snapchat Tutorial for Beginners Online Course

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